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Joe Deere

is a songwriter / singer / multiinstrumentalist, videoartist from Hamburg/ Germany who cooperates with musicians from all over the world.

Joe Deere ist Songschreiber / Sänger / Multi-Instrumentalist und Videokünstler aus Hamburg welcher mit Gastmusikern aus aller Welt zusammenarbeitet.



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- B I O G R A P H Y  (short version)

- Joe Deere was born in the city of Hamburg / Germany in the mids of the sixties.  

- he spended a part of his childhood with his "Deere" -family in a small town near Cardiff/Wales / UK

- his whole family moved to spain

- back in Germany he founded "Trailstone" with some college buddies

- A year later he performed with "Friday 13" -high school band

as a vocalist

- he became the lead-vocalist and acoustic guitarrist of a local famous progressive band in Constance 

- leading role in a cinema movie

- actor in several German t.v. soaps

- jobs in several music studios of Munic, Cologne, Berlin

 and Hamburg followed as singer,  arranger, guitarrist/bass player and engineer.

- Joe Jeremias -"Medissage live" performance

- he lost his hearing on one ear completely and had to change business for a few years

after practicing yoga and meditation a healing process started and recoverd the hearing completely

- human- and animal rights support campaigns: Joe

 "Girls  Not Brides" human rights - and "Peta" -animal rights -org. and others

D I S C O G R A P H Y  -

Discography, musicians and bands: - (incomplete list)


- "Anything But Love"

"Las Paredes De La Casa"

- "Wishful Thinking" - SINGLE

- Animals Are Not Commodities - SINGLE

- Long Way-Same Shoes SINGLE

- Joe Jeremias " Medissage" band

- Ghost In A Can; band

- Unsigned Artists; Jazz combo; band

- Techno-"CAN"- SINGLE

- Thomas Bauer - Berlin; band

- "Lorbas" - ALBUM / EP / Mathias Schumacher Cologne

- "Das Mädchen Mit Den Schwefelhölzern" - SINGLE

- Rene Engel; band Cologne"

- "Camelot" ALBUM - Klang & Hammer    studios

- "Wer" - SINGLE

- Murat E.-drummer "Kran";

  Holger Dimter & Band

- Wetzstein; band

- Friday 13"; band

- Handmade; band

- Trailstone; band